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How an Independent DistributorCreates a Resilient Supply Chain

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How an Independent DistributorCreates a Resilient Supply Chain

01 Ensure the continuity of the business

Whether it is macroeconomic anti -wind, geopolitical tensions, extreme weather events or delays, etc., it may cause the supply chain interruption.

If the prediction is incorrect or the supply is not enough due to errors in demand, you may face the problem of extension and production stagnation. Therefore, when authorized distributors cannot meet the demand, the open market as a beneficial resource can fill the supply gap in a short time.

Independent distributors are experts who have the open market. When the supply chain interruption, support your emergency plan to find parts quickly.

02 Benefits from tailor -made products

If there is no clear understanding of the market, it is difficult to predict the supply of supply. If the supply is lower than the initial expected number, there will be excess inventory. You may also want to maintain the presence of the prophet of the industry, purchase early when the price is appropriate, and build a buffer inventory.

From financing to procurement, or from warehousing to distribution, full -stack independent distributors can help you manage risks and seize opportunities through supplier management inventory (VMI) plans.

When the selection is restricted by receiving the product elimination or discontinuation of production, they can also provide alternative resources or contact the supplier for you in order to find a suitable alternative.

When selecting an independent distributor, make sure that the solution it provides can be tailored according to your needs.

03 Standing at the forefront of the industry

In the rapidly changing market, market intelligence is the best supply chain management tool.

Independent distributors collect information from the global supplier network, help you use this information to develop strategies and take action in a timely manner to cope with market changes. Therefore, they can clearly understand the needs of upstream and downstream, familiar with the cyclical trends of the market, and often know the storm that is brewing earlier than the original equipment manufacturer.

04 Keeping elasticity is the best strategy

Including independent distributors into the supply chain network is the best way to achieve diversification of supply channels and reduce operating risks.

When looking for open market partners, make sure they have intelligent and rapidly responding to supplier networks and resources.

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